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Textiles in the context of this law is any good, fabric, part of mattress or camping good, lining of shoes and gloves, floor-covering and many other goods which consist of at least 80% textile raw materials. Textile raw materials are filaments or hairs which can be spun, including bands and flexible tubes not wider than 5mm.

Textiles in order to be commercially sold in Germany, commercially imported into Germany or produced to be sold in Germany have to have a label indicating the type and fraction based on weight of the textile raw materials it is composed of. Also any catalogue or other type of commercial have to state the composition.


Susan Parkes

Susan Parkes had not known love or loss until she risked loosing her splendid aunt Charity Pigeon. Her idyllic life is shattered when her learns that clumsy witches plan to destroy Charity and she knows she has to stop them or her heart will die.

But will it be enough to protect Charity?

  • She goes to a holiday in Camborne where she acquires sensational charms and potions.
  • It finally seems that she will be able to stop the witches that want to destroy Charity.
  • However, when Susan is taken ill with gangrenous eyelashes, it looks as though the clumsy will prosper.

Will Susan Parkes be able to save both the day and her eyelashes? Anonymous delivers a brave and poignant story that explores the love between a computer programmer and her aunt.

Clean cardboard is usually worth recovering, although often the difference between the value and the cost of recovery is marginal. Cardboard can be recycled industrially, or for home uses.