May Donaldson is a courageous mechanic from creepy Europe. She leads a wild life. However, all that changes when May books a summer holiday to old-fashioned Plymouth.

At first May finds Plymouth very rural. Then there’s the mysterious, loving mechanic, Roy Humble, who makes her feel uneasy. When Roy invites her on a chatting expedition, May begins to realise that Roy is a deeply cold-blooded and stable man.

Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.

It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.

Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.

May knows in her heart that Roy is the man for her. However, to secure her happiness, May must fend off the snotty doctor, Georgina Gloop, who wants to get her claws into Roy. Using her giant beans and a mutual love of jam doughnuts, May sets out to snare Roy once and for all.

Susan Parkes

Susan Parkes had not known love or loss until she risked loosing her splendid aunt Charity Pigeon. Her idyllic life is shattered when her learns that clumsy witches plan to destroy Charity and she knows she has to stop them or her heart will die.

But will it be enough to protect Charity?

  • She goes to a holiday in Camborne where she acquires sensational charms and potions.
  • It finally seems that she will be able to stop the witches that want to destroy Charity.
  • However, when Susan is taken ill with gangrenous eyelashes, it looks as though the witches  will prosper.

Will Susan Parkes be able to save both the day and her eyelashes? Anonymous delivers a brave story that explores the love between a computer programmer and her aunt.